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Tachileik Children Center development

Tachileik is a city of Myanmar Shan State near Thailand and Myanmar border at the north of Chiang Rai City. It is located near the Golden Triangle. Opium, gambling, jade sale and migrant workers crossing the border are one of the daily lives. People there has their special stories. Many kids were not taken care because of poor habit, living situation and migration life on their parents.

A children center is brave to take care them on their efforts with food, accommodation and education such that the kids can grow in love and care. Besides living, kids also need to farm everyday for their food. On recent years, houses of this children center premises are very dilapidated due to flooding after higher site formation on neigbhourhood and poor drainage system. The food on the farm and storage room, and also structures of dormitory and classroom deteriorates during flooding.


Engineering supports:

Drainage, Conditions Review of existing houses,Quality Prototype Design to Future Campus Expansion, Rainwater Collection & Storage

Service Category: Commune Housing

Project Coordinator: Mr. Raymond Wan

Partner Organization: Huge Business School