Hong Kong Projects Committee

The Hong Kong Projects Committee (HKPC) was officially formed in February 2017. The Committee aims to provide a service project platform in Hong Kong and to fill up the technical gaps in the local social services sector.  The extent of beneficiaries through our service projects ranges from the local communities in need, social services organizations to individual disadvantaged people.  The local projects initiated and managed by the Humanitarian Engineering Challenge have been transferred to this newly formed Committee.


  1. To set up a platform to bridge the beneficiaries and competent volunteers;
  2. To provide direct and indirect engineering supports to the beneficiaries; and
  3. To provide engineering support to the communities with emergency technical needs

Core Value

Quality, Teamwork, Social Bonding, Connecting with Stakeholders

(Volunteer basis)


Manuel Kwong

Acting Convener (Administration & Support)

Ir Wicky Lei

Acting Convener (External Communication)

Calvin Wong

Relationship Manager

Kevin Leung