Humanitarian Engineering Training Committee

The Humanitarian Engineering Training Committee (HETC) was officially formed in February 2017. Its missions are to accelerate betterment in life of disadvantaged communities and provide sustainable development, through people-oriented and strength-based training approaches. These are in line with the missions of EWB-HK.


The vision of HETC is to establish a humanitarian engineering resources (manpower and knowledge) hub in Hong Kong and serving nearby regions, such that the trained volunteers (not necessarily with technical background) can be equipped with basic service and technical skills, and then serve local and overseas NGOs with humanitarian and social related services. 


Conduct trainings that align with the missions of HETC and address the aspects rendered in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals;
1. Foster the capacity building on humanitarian engineering in humanitarian and community services related NGOs;
2. Enhance the technical and non-technical competence of volunteers, that in turn with benefits to the projects managed by EWB-HK and other NGOs;
3. Create a knowledge and skill learning, sharing and transfer culture in EWB-HK;
4. Promote stakeholders collaborations in training course development and for relevant resources supports;
5. Manage training programs in financially sustainable basis;

(Volunteer basis)


Ir Dr K.W. Mui, Horace


Carrie Chan


Natalie Fong

Convener (Course planning - Engineering)    

Gary Tao

Convener (Course Planning – Humanitarian & Safety)    

Bruce Wong

Convener (Course Planning – Social Services) 

Lau Sze-lui

Committee (Course Admin.)    

Hayley Tsang

Committee (Course Admin.)  

Henry Cheung

Committee (Course Admin.) 

Jeff Chung

Committee (Course Admin.) 

Max Leung

Committee (Course Admin.)

Sue SL Liang

Committee (Humanitarian Training)

Dr. Rebecca Tang

Committee (Engineering Training) 

Ir Karen Shi