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Yangon Hmawbi Children Development Center Facility Enhancement

Hmawbi is a remote township, at the north of Yangon Region in Myanmar. Despite of the prosperity in major cities, many citizens are still suffering from the natural disasters and internal conflicts in the rural area. Full Moon Children Development Center dedicates to serve the children whose basic livings are unsecured.  More than 300 children entirely rely on the food, accommodation and personal development services provided by the Centre.  The lack of resources and maintenance of facilities in the Center directly limit the learning and growth of the children.

As parts of their livelihood, children have their meal in a hot and stuffy dining room with countless flies flying around and share the same cup in drinking the untreated groundwater. In addition, frequent blackout lasting up to days poses a great threat on the groundwater pumping, lighting and venting services in the Center.  It is undoubtedly hard for the children to live in the poverty and worries.  Yet, is it hard to change the situation?  After investigation to the Center in mid June 2018, EWB-HK cared the improvement to living quality of the people with engineering technics from our volunteers and identified the key factors to improve the local livelihood and cultivating a better environment for the children. 

Service Category: Commune Housing

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Contact: Mr. John Yan (+852 9773 3013)