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Yangon Urban Slum Community Development

Slums and informal settlements continue to proliferate across Myanmar, even in Yangon city. Located in the western part of Yangon, Myanmar, Hlaing Tharyar Township is one of the biggest and also the most populated township in Yangon city.

To look for better lives and escape from rural poverty, people move to the Myanmar industrial zone for employment opportunity every year and many of them end up in Hlaing Tharyar’s slums. However, the living conditions there are poor. Basic sanitation infrastructure/ facilities including basic drainage, waste disposal facilities, electricity and clean water supply are almost non existent while cramped houses, sewage water stagnates in open surface drains, narrow lanes, and heaps of garbage are commonplace.

Urban Slum.png

After our on-site investigation in June 2018, EWB-HK is exploring practicable projects to contribute to community developments in the Hlaing Tharyar’s slums.


Service Category: Community Development

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Project Coordinator: Mr. Chris Tsui (