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EWB-HK Engineering Service Trip – Community Development in Cambodia 2016

  • Ruseydom Village, Praphnom Penh Commune Angkor Chey District, Kampot Province Cambodia (map)
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No. of Participants :20

Fee : HKD$6,400 (Students) / HKD $7,150 (Workers)

Application Method :

Fill in the application form on: http://goo.gl/forms/nViOoOtzgu

--Application deadline--        
23 April 2016                  

--Interview date--
Successful applicants will be required to attend an interview on either 23/24 April 2016.

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Engineering Services and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road

Activity :Engineering Services and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road

Date :28/7/2014 to 4/8/2014 (8 days)

Venue :Gansu Province in China

Introduction :A joint activity on providing engineering works and youth services to rural village and school in Gansu Province will be co-organized by Engineers Without Border Hong Kong (EWB-HK) and The Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA).  

The Programme involves Engineering Works, Education and Cultural Exchange. With the guidance of EWB-HK technicians, the students can learn how to make an engineering upgrading scheme and works to rural village and school. Then, the social workers of HKPA will provide service training to students on education to the locals and local home visit. Moreover, the cultural exchange involves interaction with the local students and visit the main heritage site in Gansu Corridor namely Lanzhou prefecture, Dun Huang Buddhas Cave, Jiayu Fortress. The students can know more about the Chinese history and culture.   

To improve the learning environment of the rural school, whilst to expedite the idea of “Build with Local People” in the remote area, we are now recruiting volunteers to offer volunteer service (Engineering works, Education, Cultural Exchange) to school and village.

Notice - 2014 YMG EWB-HK Service Trip (English) 
Latest version only Available in Chinese  

Poster (Chinese only)
Engineering Services and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road 2014   


References: EWB-HK Service Trip 2010 

Website of HKPA: http://www.hkpa.hk/

Assesmbly Venue and Time :-

No. of Participants :30 (Students from tertiary institutions) & 1-2 Voluntary Engineer or Technical Adviser

Fee :-

Application Method :Now RECRUIT:

(1) Volunteer
(2) Voluntary Engineer or Technical Adviser

Aged 25 or above pay in full (around HKD$8,000)
Aged 24 and below pay HKD$4,500 (HKPA already applied Funding of The Commission of Youth – Community Participation Scheme for Organising Exchange Tours to the Mainland 2014-15 which will subsidize parts of the fee)

Fee includes air ticket (exclude airport tax and any surcharges), meal, accommodation, transportation, activity fee and basic travel insurance

Please fill-in the application from and email to ymg@ewb.hk. 
Relevant or prior experience is preferred but not essential.

Application Deadline: 3 June 2014

EWB-HK 2014 Service Trip Application From (English) 

Important Announcement / Bad Weather Arrangement :All applicants need to attend the interview. The interview date will be on the end of May, location will be center of The Hong Kong Playground Association (3/F, 38 Nelson Street, Mongkok, KLN)

Basic Pre-trip meetings(Venue: HKPA Grand Hall)
30/6/2014 (Mon) 7:00pm – 10:00pm
18/7/2014 (Fri)  7:00pm – 10:00pm
Content include: local environment, emergency handling and cultural difference


Engineering Workshop: 7/2014 (date and venue to be confirmed)
Content include: master basic construction skills
All successful applicants shall attend the two pre-trip meetings and the engineering workshops

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