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Sowers Action x EWB Hong Kong “Building Better Children’s Homes”

Gabion Wall Construction in Myanmar Tachileik

Doves Children’s Home is located in Tachileik, Myanmar housing children in poverty. As it is built beside the river bank, the children’s quarter is often bombarded by the flooding water during the April to September rainy months. Teachers use different kinds of method to protect Doves Hostels from damage of flooding on the river embankment but in vain. Sowers Action and EWB Hong Kong are gathering devoted volunteers to build a Gabion wall on this service trip to mitigate the flooding hazard before onset of rainy season. If you are interested, please kindly join as one of us.

Application link:
Application Deadline: 15 Feb 2019

Project Coordinator: Ms. Ada Chung at +852 6709 1146

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