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Recruitment of Waste Management Task Force for Engineering Services to Sustainable Community

Waste Management for our Sustainable Community and Improving our living environment on land and below water. We are developing this Taskforce team for buildup professional pools to identify the risk and challenges faced by the disadvantaged communities in HK and Overseas, helping on waste management awareness education and professional advisory services on waste management and recycling to develop a resilient and sustainable society.

To Support the development of our engineering-based social services projects for the disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong and South East Asia, we are planning to set up a taskforce relating to waste management. We are now looking for pro bono professionals as our volunteers.

Major Tasks:

1.Identify risks and challenges of current waste management system in HK and South East Asia

2.Knowledge Sharing to the pro bono project teams for both HK and overseas service projects

3.Other relevant tasks agreed by the Task Force;


Application Deadline: 9 March 2019

For those interested in joining the Task Force, please send your contact details and brief CV to; For Enquiry, please kindly contact Sam Chan (62317504 or (95)9952829322)

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