Introduction of EWB-HK Young Members Group

EWB-HK YMG Committee is an executive committee under the direction of EWB-HK Council. The collaboration with YMG Committee and Student Chapters is crucial towards the successful achievement of EWB-HK’s missions.  The establishment of a relation between EWB-HK and YMG Committee will encourage a generation of new engineers and scientists to understand that their future roles as professionals may profoundly contribute to the sustainable development and the communities in need.

YMG Committee was inaugurated on 21 October 2011.  The first YMG was formed by students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and fresh graduates from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The provisional student chapter of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was formed in April 2013.

This Committee was named as EWB-HK Young Members Group. 


Enlightened with Engineering, Serve the Community

Missions of EWB-HK Young Members Group
• Create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about solving technical development problems within cultural and social context.
• Work with EWB-HK to transfer appropriate technologies to the community.
• Encourage young generation to put the missions of EWB-HK into practice.

Core Values

Objectives of EWB-HK Young Members Group
• Recruit members and volunteers in tertiary educational institution.
• Connect with student chapters of overseas EWBs.
• Cooperate with tertiary educational institutions to promote the works of EWB-HK.
• Cultivate the leadership and spontaneity of students.
• Participate in the activities organized by EWB-HK.
• Promote practical application of engineering knowledge amongst students.
• Coordinate and review joint student chapter or partnering projects and activities.
• Provide guidance and mentoring support to Student Chapters to enrich their individual potential and team development.
• Develop relationships with faculties of tertiary educational institutions, professional and institutional partners.
• Assist in locating potential funding sources.
• Assist in strategic planning for YMG.
• Promote and spread the spirit and activities of YMG among institutions.
• Review and endorse the annual plans as proposed by student chapters.
• Endorse the annual appointment of student chapter’s committee.

Objectives of Students Chapters
• Support the values and missions of EWB-HK
• Provide chapter leadership and maintain a healthy chapter operation.
• Raise awareness of development issues among members and volunteers, as well as to offer the opportunities to solve   technical problems for the communities in need.
• Foster cultural understanding and awareness among students.
• Provide training to students to become internationally responsible engineer.
• Help disadvantaged communities meet their basic needs.
• Offer supports to the projects activities and operation of EWB-HK, i.e. supports means involvement in promotion, front line   assistance etc.
• Actively participate in the activities and projects organized by EWB-HK and YMG.

Your Participation as Student Member

We are now recruiting EWB-HK's Student Members, who can have priority to register and join our events and activities before open application. Please fill in the form here.