Join as a Volunteer

Welcome to join us as a Volunteer of Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong), (“EWB-HK”) 
After registering as a Volunteer, you could join our activities to serve the communities in need. It would be helpful if you could provide your professional experience and expertise skills so that we can match volunteers with suitable projects.

Target 18 years of age or above, people from all walks of life
Nature Who want to contribute to EWB-HK on a long-term basis / on a temporary basis, 
Fee Nil.

Application details are as follows:

1. By online application:apply online at OR
2. By filing in “EWB-HK” Volunteer Application Form and then email the scanned or electronic copy to

For each application entry, applicant will be notified in due course, normally within two weeks.

Volunteer Award Scheme (義工嘉許計劃)

The details of Volunteer Award Scheme (義工嘉許計劃) are now available in Chinese version only. The English version will be available soon. For Chinese version, please refers to here

Volunteer Guidebook (義工手冊)

The details of Volunteer Guidebook (義工手冊) are now available in Chinese version only. The English version will be available soon. For Chinese version please refers to here

Join as a Member

To enhance the compatibility of further development of both the social service sector and service projects of EWB-HK, the new Board of Directors has decided to conduct a holistic review for the existing membership system, which will take about four months' time (since November 2017). In view of this, the new application (including those applications pending for handling and approval) and renewal of membership are now suspended.  Once there is the result of the review by the Board, we will announce it in our website. 

For enquiry, please e-mail to 

Notes to EWB-HK Members and Volunteers

Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong) is a charitable, non-political, non-religious and non-profit-making organization.  Those who participated in the voluntary services and / or activities organized by EWB-HK are prohibited from using any photo, document, video recording and audio recording taken and / or recorded and/or used during the voluntary services and / or activities for the purpose of direct or indirect promotion that go against the principle of EWB-HK.  If a participant intends to do such a promotion, he / she should seek prior consent from EWB-HK and partner organization(s) concerned.